Videoer fra Naturplanteskolen

Permakultur i haven

Begynd dit bæredygtige haveliv med enkelt og praktisk indblik i, hvad permakultur står for.

Igennem 10 videoer guider Naturplanteskolens ejer, permakulturekspert og hortonom Aiah Noack, dig frem til din egen permakulturhave.

Se de 10 videoer her!

The Forest Garden

The edible forest garden at Natures Plant Nursery in Denmark is presented by owner, permaculturist and PhD in horticulture Aiah Noack.

The idea and essence of the garden is a demonstration of edible plants and plant systems, that are resilient in terms of climate change, sustainability and self-sufficient living in balance with a rich and biodiverse nature.

Natures plant nursery grow and sell a wide variety of perennial edible plants, more than 500 different, of which a majority is homegrown and organic.