Advanced permaculture Design Course

1. november 2017 – 5. november 2017 heldags
Stærkendevej 177
2640 Hedehusene
2095 2444

For PDC graduates and Diploma apprentices who want to develop their permaculture design skills, our Advanced Permaculture Design Course will enable you to gain new design tools, techniques, insights and skills from peers and experienced tutors.

This intensive course builds on the PDC and will show you how to approach problems in a structured way, and build your confidence as a designer. You will gain knowledge & experience of surveying, analysis and design methods including:

  • Mapping tools

  • Holistic goal setting & decision making

  • Stakeholder analysis

  • Scale of permanence

  • Advanced/adapted exclusion method

  • Pattern understanding and application

  • Pattern language

  • Presenting design work: drawing tips & tricks

  • Computer Aided Design (Sketchup)

Plus many more!

We will make extensive use of case studies, and you will develop & present your own designs, receiving feedback from the tutors and the rest of the group.

You will also receive 1:1 design tutorials with qualified permaculture diploma tutors to support your design work.

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